Do you have timely, accurate, and segmented metrics to understand and optimize your SaaS Business? 


We examine your Management Dashboard/Financial Models/Processes and Billing/Subscription Management/CRM systems and work with your Management/Finance/Operations teams to assess the effectiveness, accuracy, and shortcomings of the data and analysis you are receiving. We have workshops designed to provide the management team with best practices tools that perhaps they are not using to measure and optimize their business. We often work with incomplete sets of data but we know where to look for what is missing, and how to get through data noise. Our goal is to work with your team to provide you with actionable analysis and recommendations you can act on quickly and with confidence. Typical strategy areas we focus on include:


i   Customer Unit Economics. Segmentation Analysis.

ii    Churn. Extraction, Measurement, Tracking, and Benchmarking. Cohort Analysis. Forecasting.

iii   Pricing Strategy/ROI on Lead Soruces.

iV  Management Dashboard. Relevance, Accuracy, Timeliness, Data Sources, and Automation.

Planning. Dynamic Revenue Model. Accurate Operating Plan Model. Annual Operating Plan Exercise.
vi  Profitability, Cash Flow, and Capital Requirements. Hit the Accelerator, or the Brakes?
vii Go to Market Strategy. Transforming a Business Model like going Vertical vs. Broad, or Customer Self-Serve vs. Enterprise Sales-Touch.
viii Finance/Operations Team. Structure. Management. Transition out of an outsourced service.

ix   Infrastructure. Business Systems and Best Practices Processes. 


As a CFO Barry through his analysis is often the catalyst that brings about change in a company's strategy when the current one is not working. Take the example of a SaaS Co. that was focused on several markets but only one had the Growth, Size, and Momentum to enable the Co. to become a leader. Barry by positioning with the investors this "Jeff Moore" strategy enabled the Co. to raise money at a high valuation. Or take the example of a SaaS Co. that had a broad strategy and employed Customer Self-Serve, and Enterprise Sales Touch to market its product. Given the ACV of the product the low LTV to CAC ratio did not justify a Direct Sales approach. Or take another example where the Co. had not executed on its plans and was running out of cash. Given the long Sales cycle a technology exit was a better option than a Down Round.

Barry can help with strategic business decisions but also implementing the infrastructure and processes required to manage a SaaS business for optimal performance. Barry has led the implementation of several installations of Zuora, and NetSuite most recently at Redbooth, Inc. a provider of Team Collaboration Services. As such he has a clear focus on the project dependencies that can make these complicated implementations successful.