Project Planning- DISCOVERY


  • Discuss with the CFO/COO gaps in the current Reporting, Processes, Systems, Organizational Structure, and Skill Sets and their Impact on Business Performance.


  • Review the data, metrics, and reports the proposed system is expected to deliver, discuss with the internal team any disconnects in Data Sources, Processes, and System Capabilities, and close any gap between the perceived deliverables of the new system and what could be delivered given the restraints.


  • Offer Custom Workshops to ensure the Management & Operations Teams are aware of the Best Practices around Financial Management Tools, Strategies, and Processes to understand and optimize their business so they can set the right deliverables for the project.



Project Planning- CONSENSUS



  • Ensure Upfront Consensus among the Sales, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Executive functions on the key data, metrics, reports, and analysis to be delivered


  • Build Samples of the Dashboards, Reports, and Models that the new Information System will generate and get consensus.


  • Ensure a Sub-Committee of the Executive Management Team has been set up to get key support, discuss issues, give updates, and seek advice?



For Netsuite and Zuora Implementations



  • The 3 month implementation plan the vendor Sales team proposes never gives the internal team who are also performing their day to day responsibilities sufficient time to operate the new system to its maximum potential.


  • A more phased implementation will reduce the strain on the team and their relationship with the management.qRecognize the internal team is passionate about the new system and involve them in the planning exercise.Plan sufficient time in the Sandbox for the Internal Team. The system is as good as the people operating them.


  • Allow for unexpected delays with 3rd party service providers like glitches with the integration code, or customer credit card data files.




Best Practices- Business Performance Data Needs to be at the Fingertips of Management


  • Customization and Integration with other systems is a key factor in the success of a Netsuite or Zuora implementation.


  • Out of the Box reports in Zuora or Netsuite will not provide you with the subscription data you need to properly calculate Business Performance Metrics. Custom reports have to be built.


  • Segmentation Analysis Requirements. Marketing Lead Data from Hubspot needs to be pulled into Salesforce with Funnel Data and integrated with Subscription Data out of a Zuora or Netsuite and perhaps other systems, dumped into a database and analyzed to capture customer data, product data, and lead data in sufficient detail to permit segmentation analysis of:
    • Churn
    • ROI on Leads
    • ROI Vertical Markets, Geographies, etc.




Best Practices- Subscription Management



  • Ensure Use Cases have sufficient detail to fully communicate current Sales Practices and related Billing/Subscription transaction types to the OEM Service & Internal teams so new system workflows, and SOP’s could be configured for subscription transactions:
    • Upgrade, Downgrade, Prorate, Renew, and Cancel.
    • Transactions with non-standard contract terms.




  • SOP’s are Important.  Transactions with non-standard contract terms when transacted outside the SOP by the Operations Team can through off other systems like create a duplicate booking in a Zuora/Salesforce integration.