SaaS Finance & Operations Consulting Services

Barry is typically tasked by CEO’s to work with the company on any number of the following strategic imperatives supported by The MRR Group team, which includes a Controller, an FP&A Manager, and a Sales Ops Manager:
I.    Exits, Funding, and Bank Loans.

a.    Telling the right story. Having the ability to bring to the surface the exciting dynamics of a business has enabled Barry to get funding and bank loans for companies with less than ideal prospects.  

b.    Crafting a Financial Plan that has legs to stand on.
II.   Sales & Financial Planning.

a.    Capture the dynamics of the Sales & Marketing Go To Market Strategy in the Sales Plan Model to forecast Revenues and Cash accurately.

b.    Assess Revenue Growth, Sales Team Productivity, Customer Acquisition Costs, Burn, areas for Cost Savings, and Capital Requirements.

III.   Reliable & Relevant SaaS Metrics.

a.    Define, extract, and benchmark the Metrics that best fits a business model.

b.    Implement a new Billing/Subscription Management System like Zuora.

c.    Extract & Consolidate data from several systems to generate actionable metrics.

d.    Processes and Controls in the Sales Ops function, and the Salesforce CRM.


IV.    Management of Finance, Accounting, Operations, Legal, HR, and Admin Functions. Barry is often brought in because the company has grown out of its current outsourced CFO/Accounting service. The outsourced CFO doesn't have the skills or the time to partner with the CEO on matters like "Shall I put my foot on the Accelerator or the Brakes?". The company wants to implement an in house Billing/Subscription Management system like Zuora. Costs can come down by bringing the Billing/Accounting operations in-house. Unlike these larger firms, Barry and his team at the MRR Group focus on a handful of clients. This means the exact expertise and attention you are looking for.